Instant Insanity

theoretical puzzle solver

Instant Insanity Solver (Action Script)

The Instant Insanity Solver is designed to rapidly find the moves necessary to solve the instant insanity game.

How To Use The Solver:

With the instant insanity cubes in front of you, click on the cube faces in the solver until the colors match those of the game cubes. With cubes placed on a table top, the upper most tab in the solver's interface represents the top cube face, the bottom most tab the back face, the center tab the front face, the tab below the center tab the bottom face, the left most tab the left face, and the right most tab the right face.

Once the cube states have been input into the solver, click on the text "? Solutions Exist To This Puzzle". If the puzzle is solvable, a number will appear. This represents how many different ways there are to stack the given cubes to get a tower with all colors on each side.

Click the cube icon next to "Graph Theoretic Solution" and click next until an action is given for a cube. Directions are given as rotations around an imaginary axis running through the top and bottom faces of the cube (t-b axis), the front and back faces of the cube (f-b axis), or the left and right faces of the cube (l-r axis). The directions of rotation are given from the perspective of looking through the first face of the axis (top, front or left) towards the second.

After stepping through all of the moves required to reach the solution, the Solution panel should show an image of the cubes in their solved state. This should correspond to the current orientation of the game cubes. Stack the cubes bottom to top and you win!